Monday, March 28, 2011

Fence Grater

Got my hands on a pair of DMR V12 pedals used for $20. After waiting for some parts rebuilt the left side. It's funny how it's only cosmetic damage, the paint is coming of. Other then that and replacing the bushing on the left pedal they are fine.

This is after the first ride. Great pedals. As good as new one's and way cheaper.

Saturday was spent in St Catherine's at Brock Uni. Unfortunately the snow was still on the ground and to soft to really ride around. But some DH fun was still available.

DH in snow near Brock Uni. The line in the pic is fun when it's snow free. In 5 trips to Brock this is the first time there was still snow.

Bash the post and give oneself a bone bruise.

Fresh Tracks

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