Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2x4's and Tea

It was a big evening at Team NfI's world headquarters. The work list wasn't that big but as decreed by the technical section stuff needed to be adjusted.

First order of business food and tea.

First issue was the spacing on the roadie. As a modern hub spacing is wider then the frames original spec some adjusting was required. After a careful research of the internet and the previously mentioned tea. It was to work. As xcan be seen the tools where rather primitive.

After many measurements and application of torque. The desired spacing was achieved. Then after careful close inspection it was found that everything was in order and the job went perfectly. Didn't even have to make any changes.

The next problem was a rattling rear cassette. It was discovered that the plastic spacers were a wee bit to wide. After a little digging around in the bin of parts came up with this.

After checking the sizing. Installed it and voila....

No more rattling cassette.

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