Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wheels and Legion

In the last week have built up one wheel and now in the process of finishing the rear wheel. Finally have the oppurtunity to do it. Just took the right connection and not having an annoying boss who got upset when you where trying to learn something new. And it gets easier everytime.

Next on the wheel build menu will be swapping out the Formula 36H on the DH wheel for a Hope. The reason behind this is the rim is a double wide which is bombproof. And by doing this now it will allow me not to have to be limited in forks in the future. Besides that is the goal after all. That being all wheels especially front's will be Hope or DMR which allow for them to be adapted to different interfaces.

On other news. First I get some casual work at my buddies bike shop. Now I get a call from the Royal Canadian Legion to come in and work. Hmm... maybe I will be getting the Banshee before June at this rate.

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