Monday, May 16, 2011

Altura Attack Waterproof Shorts

As part of the plan to buy gear that actually works instead of making do. Looked again to the masters of filth riding.. the Brits. Especially since it is so difficult aquiring baggy shorts that are actually waterproof. Seems kind of strange that one can't buy shorts like this in Canada. A place where the wethaer can be wet and cold.

Finally got my hands on a pair of Altura Attack shorts . And of course in the only acceptable colour for cycling….black. And hardly had they arrived did they get used as we had a sudden warm day. Which meant lots of slush and wet road. A perfect test for waterproof outer shorts.

And after 2 hours of riding through wet crud.. no dreaded wet riders butt. Which is a good thing. And makes the riding way more enjoyable as a cold and wet chamois is about as much fun as paying taxes.

When inspected closer you see that all seems have been taped on the inside. There is a simple system for waits adjustment in the back. 2 tabs you can adjust to make the shorts a little tighter or looser as needed. And of course Altura provided 2 front zipper pockets. Perfect for say house keys to get in the house when cold and wet without that digging through packs or jersey’s with cold hands

One has to keep in mind that while waterproof and sealed that it will still require care. Not washing with liquid detergents and all the other care requirements of this type of fabric. The shorts will also need once a year getting with the special re-waterproofing stuff like available from companies like Nik Wax.

After 4 months of rain and slush the Altura Attack shorts have done the job. And I will be buying another pair later this year.

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