Friday, December 30, 2011

Best and Worst of 2011

24 hours till New Years begins so it's that time to review the year.
Worst Event:
Easy really... getting taken out by a car.
But can't of course ignore that I messed up my foot in a bail in the spring so wasn't able to run at all since the spring.
Best Events:

Dundass Monstercross because ride with friend's and soup post ride. Plus the once a year visit to Cafe Domestique.

Antirace because I got to ride some where new. As well as get entertained by the antics of those who inbibe.

Tour du Buttertar because it's always good to refresh one's memory of suffering.

Getting hit by the car in August. Because it shows that the crash skills I learned from years of hurling myself down frozen ski race courses are still there.

Best Parts:

DMR Cro-Mo bars... strong and tough. After installing and a few rides noticed my right hand and forearm no longer get aggravated. Exellent.

Rear wheel...built myself and bombproof.


Fox Launch Knee.. easy to put on and forget. Saved my knee at least twice.

Core Rat Ballistic Jacket.. bombproof, windproof, and keeps warm when wet.

LG Alpine Canada bibs shorts... has Alpine Canada on it.

Can't really say about the what for next year. But it appears that the Dark Side is calling as have been on the treadmill 3 times in the last week.

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