Thursday, August 2, 2012

To A Trail Builder

 After not being able to do any  work over the last 8 weeks to the trail I started o I went there on Monday looking forward to continuing my slow but steady efforts. When I got there it felt like someone kicked my in the nuts.  The trail was wrecked as someone showed bad form bulldozed their trail through it.

 In the last 3 days I have thought about it and I find it pretty sad. Sad because when I started rebuild project I went to the area specifically as to avoid stepping on any other builders toes.  When I say rebuild I originally cut a hack line in simply avoid the annual mud bog.  The area was perfect as I was out of everyone else way. And not in danger of causing problems with other trails. And I could take my time building it as I saw it unfold.  Yet now what had the potential of being a fun trail has been destroyed. It's heartbreaking when someone does this.

 Sure I take my time as I have a life as well. Sure I wasn't there for 8 weeks yet there was very clear sign that someone was building a trail there. And the only right thing to have done was to leave it alone and wait to see if there was any further activity till say October. Maybe a builder was in the hospital or was away for work. To do other wise is bad form and creates nothing bad animosity between builders. Especially in a place with  very little.

 Sure I'm upset and disappointed in fellow riders. But I'm willing to set that aside and find a happy medium over coffee as we should be working together to create more for Kingston's dirt riders.

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Dave Goodmurphy said...

sry too hear. but well said. :) As I've said before tho. Come build at Thy. So many place to make wicked trails.