Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Superstar Components XCR ST Single Ring Chainguide

Earlier this year I picked up this guide for single chain ring set ups from Superstar Components out of the UK.  Seeing as I was looking for a solution to not needing more then one chainring.  And after looking at other options this seems to have fit the bill. The biggest challenge being if you went with a plate it only attaches to the BB. Meaning there was no ISCG tab style only the pull my BB option. 

 After a bit of modification as the plastic guide part wasn't meant for use with a bash guard. So the outer bit had to have some plastic removed. Once that was done it fit on perfectly.  As you can see in the pic.

 And after several months of use it has been going well. Except for one little niggle. That being that it is way to easy to have the guide spin around. And the little grub screw is way to small to get enough torque to keep in place.  I would have much preferred to use a plate mount in the back. But again Superstar does not offer the XCR in ISCG mount only BB. That would have been a much better option .

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