Saturday, March 16, 2013


With the weather being funky with the temps and working alot more thanks to the contract job I got. Not alot going on riding wise other then to and from work. And we all know how mind numbing sitting on a trainer is so I won't say more on that.

 New part arrived...MRP XCG BB mount guard or Taco as some call it. Hmmm.. seems to be lacking a bit on the Taco spicy sauce and Salsa. But we shall see how it works and will report back on whether the flavouring is up to snuff.

 This also led us to a chain ring and spider swap. As I went to four bolt as it is getting a bit difficult to get the old 5 bolt pattern. Looks like it needed a good cleaning as the gunk levels where a bit high.

                    Warm evening post work ride as the sun set.
             Spotted nature's head banger busy looking for dinner.

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