Monday, May 27, 2013

Clunk Salad

Today managed to get in two trail rides as things worked out to that benefit. So both where out at CB trails. No pictures from this mornings ride.

Finally Crappy Post delivered my second Tulbag though it is not to be used for tools. It is so I can carry all those other important things like ID's, bank card, and money. And not spend time digging for it. Plus I never really have used a wallet.

 Later it was time for the second ride out at CB. I wanted to finish checking out a couple of new sections of trail that I didn't have time for during the morning session.

 Nature has walled in the Beeratorium with foliage so it almost hides one from the dog walkers around you.

 During the ride I kept hearing a weird faint almost clunking noise from my rear hub. So  let's pull it all apart to fix so I can get a ride in tomorrow.

Hmm..bearings are still good but it seems there is a bit of play in the drive side. Easily fixed.

 Back together and on the bike. All done in about half an hour. Yep workshops are good.

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