Sunday, November 23, 2014

Monstercross Winter Update

After months of use and with winter pretty much here it is time to take a little look at the Monstercross and see what changes have been made. As well as what has been going on.

There have not been a lot of significant upgrades as I am under orders for Forced Fiscal Restraint from my financial department with some jobs changes this year. One change was the saddle with a find of a old school Ritchey Logic at my local Value Village for a whopping $3.99. Which funnily enough has been a incredibly comfortable saddle. And I am not picky when it comes to saddles.

Value Village Saddle

Gearing wise only change was to go to a 38/48 chain ring combo as I found the 32/42 that came with the cranks was anemic at best. And left me wanting in the gearing options. I mean it gets frustrating when riding 700x52 knobby tires to max out a 42 on gravel roads.

Bigger Rings Better

One interesting and very positive development in this Monstercross learning curve was discovering something about 29er rims. This discovery was that 700x35c tires will fit the rims no problem. This is great as I am a Dirtbag and this is positive as I can mount smaller tires on 29er rims and don't need to buy other rims. Which means I can use the same wheels on the 29er as the Monstercrosser. Winning.

Tiny tire.

And this tire discovery was beneficial as my club Lapdogs had their annual Tour De Caffeine. About a 160km ride with stops at certain coffee shops on the route.

Not much in the way of upgrades this year as money has been an issue this year. But hopefully over the winter will be able to make some other upgrades. One being the brake levers as they are a bit worn out over the years. SO hopefully a set of Gevenalle in the future.

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