Sunday, March 1, 2015

Why Did I Join A Cycling Club?

In 2014 did something I don't normally do signed onto a racing club specifically the Lapdogs. Last time I was part of a sports club would have been back in 92 in my ski racing days.

And back in those ski racing days as you got older it came more about chasing points. Which when you are young and naïve to the world seems to be a great thing. But when you are older and are supposedly more mature the idea of chasing points for some kind of cup. Well it starts to become as appealing as filing your taxes.

And did a similar idea in 2003 by joining a race team that you didn't pay to join. But had to meet certain requirements to stay on the team every year. Sounds great but after a while the appeal as well as the joy starts to wear thin. As it starts to feel like a job. Which starts to kill off one's desire. And I faded away for almost 7 years from that realm simply because of that as well as life commitments.

So why the change in 2014? Easy really.....I was asked by a member of Lapdogs to join. I had to pay to be part of it and the expectation of following Rule #43 which states Don't Be A Jack Ass. There is no points chasing or other stuff. And last year was probably the most fun and relaxed for a long time.

Which is why I will be back with them this year as the Far East Division. Maybe not a endurance Lapdog but will give Barry a run for the money on the pump track.

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