Monday, July 27, 2015

Kemptville Exploration

On July 9th had a road trip to Kemptville and had a couple of hours  available while there to ride. So packed the Monstercross to explore around. This was not a hard session it was to be some mileage in a new place to avoid boring myself with the same routes in the lead up to Paul's.

To be honest didn't expect much as judging from a look via Google Earth there wasn't alot to see. But mileage is mileage. And riding even here is new and still better than doing the same dull routes.

It also gave me a opportunity to test out the new shoes before taking them off road. And after almost 2 hours can say I never noticed them.  Impressive as prior to this pair the Body Geometry insoles Specialized had used where very good at aggravating my feet.

While I tried to avoid  major roads a couple of times had no choice, Man some rural roads are narrow.

Near the end I came across some what looked like singletrack. Had roots and such which I will check out the next time in that area.

The last bit was via Veteran's Way and Honour Way as these are marked.

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