Wednesday, December 30, 2015

North Fredericksburgh Crown Land

With some info  from a MTB Kingston member about a area of Crown land in Napanee  I had noted down to check into the next time I was in or near Napanee. On December 19th was in Napanee again and went to check it out.

Currently the weather has been mild and very wet so wasn't expecting it to be dry. And wouldn't get very far in. But hey, still better than nothing. Though it was minus 5 out.

The initial entry was rocky and had some sections of water.

Down this track though it got to the point of impassable as I expected.  And while in summer would make the attempt to go further. It is a bad idea at minus 5 and temp will start dropping soon as it was late afternoon.

Back tracked a wee bit and took a different track...

Came to this section which was the creek where the swamp drains.

While couldn't get far in as it was wet and muddy. There was still some sections that was rideable.

While didn't get to far due to lots of water at this time of year. I will try this again next summer when the water levels have dropped.

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