Monday, February 20, 2017

Action Not Words

Today's late afternoon ride was a little different as spotted something that didn't seem right and raised a  red flag.

 Looking after your mates

 On this day and that being a clear, sunny, and very warm February day was a good day to ride. Expecting nothing but a spin on the bike and a stop by the creek to clear my head. It was off for a wander to check the conditions of the ice thickness on the trails.

About 5 minutes in riding along Bath parallel to the CN Rail main line to Toronto spotted a older gentleman sitting near the tracks. But when I looked a second time noticed he was sitting on the actual rail.  Took me about 60m before I remembered that is the section where a couple of years ago someone was killed there by a VIA rail train, they still won't say if it was accidental or not.

Quickly stopped and dropped my bike in the snow. Not wanting to run back and startle the old guy. Hopped the ditch and jogged up the berm to the line. I wanted to see if there was more going on before I just ran up to him thinking the worst case. All it looked like was he sat on the rail during a walk to have a moment. And turns out it was correct as he stood up and dusted himself off. And walked back to the street. And kept walking towards home some where down the street.

So in the end it was nothing but an old guy sitting on the rail looking out over Collins Bay. Maybe not the smartest place to sit. But it was better to have checked to see if someone was having a bad day. So back on the bike to check out the trails and the creek.

As I rode was thinking of the last few years and what I have been through in terms of mental health. And thinking of the suicides last year that rocked my wife's workplace. I could speculate all sorts of scenarios. Yet it was one thing that stands out....

Instead of talking about mental health, I interrupted my ride to check on some one else which is more important than just talk.

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