Sunday, May 14, 2017

O-Cup #2 Kingston

May 7th was the second stop of the O-Cup XC series which could have been easily mistaken for the Ontario Bog Trotters Cup races sponsored by Mephisto's Mud Studs.

O Cup #2

The day's leading up to the race we faced 150mm plus of rain with the  ground and water systems already saturated. During that period I worked with others to best prepare the track over long hours prior. I  am not a short course man. Add in that it has been 20 years since I last did a race of this type. It was a BC Cup in Vancouver BC at Kerr Park with half the course mud and water while it pissed rain with sections BB and hub deep. Hmm..seems like a theme for me when you add in MTB races with "Cup" in the title.

I should say that I have been course crew for races off and on since 1986. And despite the conditions another race wasn't cancelled because the course crew wasn't able to prepare the track.  We where able to pull it off. Team Colin mentioned this in his blog.

Team Colin

Taking in the conditions as well as not being a short course guy I was viewing this as the Kenyans would call it a Training Race.  As well as a equipment test as had a week prior just put a more modern fork on the Mistress Mk2 and it now had a lower stem height.  So Sat night I also noted that this race would be a test of mental toughness, that the conditions would from the start would test one's  mental strength ability to endure as well as brake pads and drive trains.

2017 O Cup #2 Kingston Album

Though to be fair being a BC kid I have the advantage that being used to wet and muddy has. Let' face reality growing up in Vancouver you either deal with the rain or never do anything outside.

Once the whistle blew it was the beginning of a two lap slog. That unfortunately by the 11:45 race had begun to dry and the mud was heading into the peanut butter variety. Yay. Since not worried about placing...who am I kidding I don't worry about it anymore. Though I had a hunch of what would soon happen as everyone sprinted through the barn into Sangers Sandbox. ANd just after the pump section it was like driving the 401 and hitting the outskirts of the GTA...sudden traffic slowing and going no where fast. Really you may as wel have been using an Abacus to time the race.

It became two laps of ride what you can and when you can't hoof it. On the first lap you could see for some the battle of equipment was being lost as they DNF'd with drive train issues. Yet some where in this I past and left in behind fellow Clydesdale Team Colin. I do admit that there was some satisfaction as last fall at the Marathon he beat me. This time I beat him in hard conditions.

As the 2 laps progressed you could see some where cracking or about to crack. And this is where one of my pet peeves of racing showed up, that being public crackings.  Maybe it is just me but if your going to crack or going into that race dark place. To me that is a personal battle, I won't drag you into mine like this one...

2014 Bad Day at Paul's Dirty Enduro

I get it racing is tough and it is a chance we take that we will have a bad day. But please, don't make it public. I know what your trying to do. Your feeling lousy and trying to drag me down into your experience. Because by doing that it will make things better in your mind. No thank you, I am having a bad day as well and am engaged in my own fight. Especially this day. All this does is provide more incentive to leave you behind.

And did just that to one racer. I didn't know that somewhere during the race it was decided that it would be 2 laps instead of 3. A fact I didn't find out till the end of the 2nd lap when we where quietly  told that was it.  Our labour was over. Bravo Zulu.

Had a small surprise as my wife showed up briefly to see if it was all good. Would have been better if she had given me a big hug and kiss.....but apparently she can tolerate sweaty and salty not muddy.

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