Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dirtbag Gear Tip

With warmer weather approaching our thoughts turn to gear and warm weather riding. And with the economy not doing well and obviously cost cutting measures for most are in effect.nI'll share a cost cutter I have been doing.

When it comes to our cycling jersey's they usually come in less then a half zip. Yet for most a full zip would be better. No need to remove helmets and such. Plus in the cooler times of the year Spring and Fall it's so much easier to take off and put on layers as needed.

The down side to buying new jersey's is the cost. Yet if one goes through their closet of bike gear they have lots of jerseys. The solution is simple, find a sewing shop that specializes in outdoor gear. And have them install a full zip. It costs me abot 420 a jersey to do this. Think of many jersey's can be revitalized for the cost of a $140 jersey.

Below is my old Insport jersey I did last fall.

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