Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Frozen Chimps

From what I have learned via the world wide web, Team Dicky in Charlotte NC is feeling bit of winter nastiness and he's feeling picked on by Mother Nature. Guess he's lacking a wee bit on the testicular fortitude. I suggest the proper application of 10lbs of weights to the bike will cure him of this affliction.

On the parts front, I may have a cheaper solution for my front derrailleur. But need to take some measurements on Saturday. Hopefully it will all work out. If it does then I will save $40. Which of course will be a benefit to the frame fund.

The weather forecast for the weekend claims it will be warming up and wet. Which I doubt as the weather around in winter tends to be on the screwy side. Though with it being warm it will hopefully mean that I can get onto the local trails finally. With the melt then freeze a few weeks ago the trails are really not fun.

Plus it will hopefully mean trail work can start up again.

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Anonymous said...

correction, its one five pound weight on valentines day and another on march 15th.

that way we knew that coach really loved us.
not by the usual throwing small rocks out of old pick up as he drove along side of us if we didn't ride up the steep hills fast enough.
or saying he had to talk to you right as everybody was leaving. then he'd say you would have to catch up to the group or get kicked off the team.
or when he would pin on your race number upside down just for laughs.
or sneak a rubber band on your brake levers so you could not just jump on your bike and not have to listen to his millions of reasons why you are not ever going to be good enough.

yeah but he made me what i am today...a broken down has been with alot of great memories.