Monday, March 9, 2009

Frozen DMR of Pain

Ok, who ordered more suffering?

Today at the shop swapped out the Isis BB and cranks. Installed a DMR BB and crankset , am looking for more power and less flex. Already noticed that the bike was putting out way more with the cranks.

BB shell after pulling the BB,

The DMR cranks after mounting.

I'll be eventually like the 29er be installing a external BB. I'll be looking at mounting the DMR Extype cranks to do the job. I like how little they flex and the fact they are bomb proof. The nice thing with my local distributor is they don't include the BB. Which means I can choose my own. And it that regard I will be looking for the Hope BB.

I'll be replacing the busted spoke on Saturday at work on the 29ers front wheel. Though hopefully that will become the back up as I pick up the new one on Thursday. And on Friday be picking up the replacement stem from the shop and the derr as well.

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