Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time Waste

What ever happened to a business not bullshitting over the phone? There once was a time when one could phone a business and get an honest answer. Well, it seems to be no more. Wasted an hour today chasing a handlebar shim for the new stem. Fuck I hate bullshit.

Rode some connector bits today as I did errands. I can tell that the present stem is just to low, neck tightness and late night back spasms tell the tale. But it looks like it will take a couple of extra days to get a second shim. The sad news is it looks like I will have to pull the one of the 29er to use the new stem this weekend.

I don't think I mentioned this. But I can really notice a lack of strength from nearly a year of not riding the Mistress. There seems to be a advantage to hauling and moving a beast like that. Plus let's not forget that because it requires more strength to ride it means one burns more fat in the end.

In regards to April race plans. Well 'm still waiting on some final details. Though if it takes much longer I'll be using the Independent Contractor provided by Wee, Fokkum, and Howe.

In the parts category, am looking at getting my hands on some older Hope brakes. That way i will have Hope both front and back. The big plus with Hope is they still use the same fittings. Which means if I want to I can replace the levers.

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