Monday, March 16, 2009

Muscle Head

Today was another fun day at work.

After a bit of work I finally seemed to have solved the problem with my crank arm and spider interface. It seems that a spacer may have been missing. The first attempt was a failure and after pulling the crank. After further thought reversed the two spacers. After tightening everything and spinning the cranks, no binding. So now only the ride in the morning will tell.

Ordered the DMR Crisis cranks for the 29er, they are similar to the old Cheiftains though this version will work with an ISIS BB. This keeps it light yet strong. Don't come with chain rings though which is fine. Especially since I run a 24T with a 36T in the front.

I the morning I have to draw in some trails markings on a map for a couple of guys who want to check out the area. Got to encourage people to ride trails. The more numbers we have the stronger the voice with the city.

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