Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Quest for Brakes of Hope

So have the new front wheel for the 29er. And jut need to fixe the other one and all will be good in that area.

Now begins the quest for a rear brake for the Mistress. have pads on the way for the front brake. However need to find a Hope rear brake. Sure I'm searching ebay as we speak but who wants to pay $100 for the old C2's or Mini's? Man, in this economy one's gotta be more frugal. So unless I receive a large donation or Hope actually sponsors me. I guess I'm left to groveling my buddies.

The decision for racing has been made. The race of suffering will be the Uxbridge Icebreaker and right now I'm looking at doing it on the Mistress for 60km. The Iron Man distance especially with a 30lb bike. Hmm, anyone want to donate a Hope rear for the race.

Am I obsssessed with getting a Hope rear or what?

Though right now I'm needing to get an adapter so that the C2 I have can be mounted on my fork. it's a post mount of course, which makes things much harder. Kind of like watching team Dicky actually train.

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