Friday, July 22, 2011

Kingston Death Enduro Part 3

After leaving Timmies it was continuing down Dalton Ave to the hydro line entrance to the next section. Found that they have been busy in the last couple of years adding some path. As well as it looks like they will be finally adding a bridge on the K&P trail.

After entering at the hydroline it was a jarring ride through where they I guess hope to build houses in the future. Somewhere in this area was crash number 2, hard to see the ruts when they are covered with either overgrowth or the shrapnel from the cutting machines.

4 hours in.

There is a little creek crossing which thankfully the machines did not wreck. This is in the non summer months pretty deep. Had to check to make sure the bottom was still firm not mush because of quad riders gunning it.

After the crossing it was across another chopped field to another creek crossing that was wrecked but still rideable. Then a little hill climb to the area of the NIB Park. Which was thought to be on the bulldozed list almost 3 months ago. But it turns out not so. No play time as that might have been a bad idea at this point .

After the park it was a very short climb to the residential road. Then a left on Sydenham to take the hydroline Quad track. This section continued the flavour of the ride- Overgrown. With the usual mix of quad rut, quad hole, and brush bashing thrown in. At one point had to some heavy bush bashing to connect with Cataraqui Woods Drive.

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