Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kingston Death Enduro Part 2

After going through the base and hitting some of the trails on the base. It was down the hill past Fort Henry to cross the causeway. Then to head along the trails along Cataraqui Creek heading out towards the 401.

Enroute noticed this. A trials line. Return later to play on it.

Further along entered this trail. Not much as it's a old industrial site.

So after the above section hooked up with Montreal. Added a little extra pain to the ride by being mirror clipped by a driver. Then just as I hit Taylor Kidd was waved down at the Timmies by a KPD officer who had caught the woman driver. And made my statement to the officer. Oh... the added excitement. After was finished with my report wanted to take the trail option up but was way to overgrown. Then connected with a road that went along the tracks till it connects with Dalton Rd.

After reaching this point took a quick rest in this bit of shade.

After about 20 minutes came to the new Timmies on Sir John A. Definitely the most cooked customer they had all day. Interesting it was when after 3 hours how when I went to top up the Camelbak bladder there was still ice in it. So loaded up with a couple of bottles of Pepsi and a few cookies. As I knew the test was coming over the next few hours of the ride. The first 3 are the easy part really.

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