Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kingston Death Enduro- Part 1

This idea came to be when I found out I had 7 weeks on my own. So came up with a plan to put as much bike mileage as possible in one day. The bad idea part was doing this after 3 years of mediocre training.

The very bad idea part was starting at 2pm on a hot July Sunday. But one has to work first.

Had all the stuff prepared... half camelbak and water bottle of water in freezer that would add water to for later, bug juice, sunscreen, tools and tube, money, and camera. So it was off. First destination being Roger's Trails. After about 45 minutes as it was hot and humid so kept that pace easier as it was going to be a long afternoon.

Road past the base to Roger's Trails. Nothing special other then a out and back ride section.

Bug juice... to keep the bug bites to a minimum. Especially since this year was so damp and the bugs where in large quantities.

Somewhere in Rogers still looking and feeling good.

Dry dry dry would be the general flavour of the day.

Some sections where way more overgrown then this and impassable when factor in time and effort. Which under the days heat and humidity would be a bad idea to try and basically drag a bke through.

After riding what was rideable at Roger's it was back down Highway 2 towards the base. To ride around Fort Henry on some trails there.

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