Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving vulture of Hydro

Set out to the Hydro line to explore a bit. I do admit a bit of boredom was part of it as well as a desire to see if there was trail potential. I say this as I think that Kingston needs more trails. Just not in Collins Bay system as I think to many people are in there. And That leads to conflicts which isn't fun.

To bad this wasn't BC mountains where one could drink it.

                                 And mud season begins.

Should be interesting to see how much this rises in the next little while.

           Doesn't look it but it's now a swamp again further down.

            Hmm.. wonder what this connects to? End result nothing.

                       Someone abandoned their beehives.

       Found over grown Quad track. Which will become a trail.

Future part of the trail.

                   On the way out waved to the man in the tractor.

Got the cell call from home that dinner was nearly ready. Shortcut across the field.

        Turkey Vulture must have heard my fuel reserves fading.

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