Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ice Thaw Weekend

Last weekend was a road trip to Scarborough and a oppurtunity to ride in a couple of different places thanks to Joely having to work at Durham College. The Saturday afternoon was a trip to Greenwood where i have yet to ride. Well it was more of a packed snow ride then anything else.

                                  The creek on a winter day.

                           The Mistress taking a wee rest.             

  Thanks to the dog walkers for doing all the boot packing.

                      Time to drop a layer as it was getting warm.

 While it looked like a luge track the reality was other wise. As there was a thin layer of soft slush that allowed traction.

 Sunday's ride was to an area I have been before but always with a group. And when with a group you end up going at their pace not at yours. Which leads to less checking things out.

                  The CP Rail line to the bridge over the valley.

  Been at this look out a few times. Though this time missed by about 15 minutes actually seeing a CP train come over the bridge.

                  Just like Saturday the conditions where like.

               Still better then sitting at a busy cafe in Scarborough.

                       Next time will ride the rocks. But not today.

 Nothing spectacular for a weekend of riding. But have 2 places to return to later in the year as want to ride it more. Plus there is a trail following the CP rail line and an abandoned one that connects the Rouge with the Seaton Trail area.

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