Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring A Delic

With 2 weeks out from the race here in Kingston headed out to CB to refresh myself with riding trail. Don't want to show up on the 21st still rusty as that would decrease the fun factor.

                 Sheesh.. You think it would have melted by now.

 Bridges are showing their age and starting to come apart.  It will need to rebuilt so the line can continue to be enjoyed.  Another project of course.

 After much delay and putting of. Finally got around to rebuilding my front Hope Mini. New master cylinder piston seals, a modded Hope Moto lever to fit, and a nice cleansing bleed with my Epic Bleed Solutions kit. And the Mistress has the Hope's returned to her.

And have something new ans well as being something old on the way. Hopefully Canada Post won't feel like dawdling excessively.

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