Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hydro Line- Unity to Highway 38

Friday just before heading to the trails it started raining. So while sitting in Tim's thought now would be a good time to ride an area that I would not cause much damage when wet..the Hydroline north of the 401.  And keep in mind after the last attempt  which seems impassable. This ride would be a combination.

First part would be to try heading south from Unity and see how it goes. Then head north to try and get to Highway 38.

 Unfortunately reached a point where I could no longer move forward. As you can tell from the pic's it was simply just to over grown. The grass was higher then my bike and was just a headache to make forward progress.

 Again instead of flailing around blindly I will come back later in the fall to have a look again. Hopefully with everything dying off will be able to see a path.

 After back tracking to Unity headed north up towards where the hydro line crosses over Highway 38.  And after driving by the area before I suspect that this is possible.

 As I had suspected it was over grown but still passable. I also noticed I wasn't the only one who has used this path. Had a bit of horse hoof vibration and dodged a bit of horse manure. after a bit of effort was able to see Highway 38 in the distance.

 The last bit was on what was definitely quad track so another area that was used by others. On the way back stopped to have a snack...baked egg. But lacking bacon so not as good as it could have been.

 Before turning back though had a look on the other side of Highway 38 to see if there is any sign of track to keep going. Though with all the overgrowth this again seems to be another wait till fall trip.

 I did spot some quad track heading off away from the Hydro Line but that would have to wait for another trip to explore. So headed back to the car as had somewhere to be. Of course the return is always faster then the ride out.

 Will have to come back out again to see where that quad track goes next time. Maybe when there is no bugs and with a beer in pack.

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