Thursday, August 15, 2013

Brule Rd/ Almost Odessa Ride

After work decided to revisit a ride from last year. This was the quad track out to Odessa that crosses Brule Rd. This goes under the hydroline heading to Napanee. Unlike last year I was running late so no clipless. Had to go with flats which in the end worked out.

 So after grabbing and Ice Capp headed down Highway 2 to Westbrooke Rd to get to the quad track.

 Turning onto the quad track and heading east towards Odessa. On the way towards Brule there was a wee bit of mud so there was the small chance that the quad track was turning back to swamp. To do this route past Brule is only doable around late summer when it has dried out.

 Just after crossing Nell Rd begins the full long section towards Odessa. As one can see in the pic it tends to get ruts from people mud bogging their quads.

 This year the going was a little slower as it was so much more overgrown then last year.  Quite a few times had to do the hike -a-bike type thing as it was hard to see the ruts with all the overgrowth.

 The fence line I came to last year was reached after about 35 minutes of effort from Brule Rd. I would guess I was faster last year as the foliage was less thanks to a milder year. And sadly there is no sign of a way to get closer to Odessa. Kind of sucks as this would make a route but can't win them all.  Especially since the last route recce was a success.

On the way back was to focused on riding to remember to check out this track that seems to be new. It wasn't there last year.

 After crossing Nell Rd it was soon to be a little fun on the bit of rock drops on the way towards Brule. Sadly no pic's as still need to get a small tripod. Though judging from the hazy edges on photo's in the last month and a half may also need to replace the digital camera.

 Paused after Brule in the farmers field to kind of relax before the inevitable rejoining of the world. Though I could hear the 401 and a swell as traffic on Highway 2. It is still nice to just have you while riding.

 As I headed to Tim's for a earned Ice Capp was thinking of Paul's Dirty Enduro. Specifically have an offer from Barry a rider I know to ride the 100k instead of the 30k with me. Kind of nervous to accept...he is faster and a XC racer of the endurance type. I am slow and need to lose some more weight, losing 2 inches is good don't get me wrong. the other issue that has me humming and hawwing is in 2009 doing the 60k caused my knees to start hurting and seizing about 10k out.

 Have some ideas on that but will share that tomorrow.

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