Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Goals

This year thinking of goals is a little harder as the East Cup Series has been postponed till 2015. However that is minor compared to the other larger problem presented by a potential opportunity. So there is no defined path for goals till we shall say April to be safe. But do I wait and do nothing or do I get creative?

 Let us get creative and break this down into 3 areas.

General goals,

1. Hard to explain this one. After last year significant event best to say rebuilding.  Because bikes and endurance activity was part of what I am and one thing she loved about me. And has admitted I am not the same over the last few years and told me she liked me the other way. So this year to rebuild things so they are closer to that then they have been in 3 years.

2. As part of above take Joely to Joyride...not to ride. But for the first time in a while she asked to see it 4 days ago, an interest in taking part.

3. Lose 3 inches off waist.

4. Continue to corrupt my Cousin in Law to the world of bikes.

5. Continue the event cost/driving distance policy.

6. Eager Beaver.... hang out, drink beer, help Dan, drink beer, fun...

 Depending on developments in the next month and a bit will decide which direction the rest of the year will go event wise.

1. Start a weekly Tuesday night race at the Farm...focus on the lower levels.

2. Complete the K&P  circle I have been slowly putting together.

3. Keep pushing east towards Napanee with the exploration of the various tracks.

4. Ride at Shabomelaka

5. Tour De King

6. Don't burn out the week of Kingston Trophy getting trail work done. Be smart Weasel Worker.

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