Saturday, August 13, 2016

Camp Fortune 2016

It was two years ago since I last had the chance to ride Camp Fortune. This yeargot to do so again but unfortunately only had a limited time one evening to ride it. With limited time was only able to get a couple of pics as was trying to get in as much riding as possible.

I think not

 Unfortunately my goal of getting to the top for a setting sun peak shot didn't happen as made a mistake at the CBC tower and followed trail #22 and turned back later than I should have.

Having ridden recently in BC it was interesting to note the difference that a skills refreshed on Upper Oilcan and Espresso makes. Though it was noticeable how with less time to go back during the week like my first time effects one's comfort level.

By Dusk's Fading Light

Racing down the last light added a wee bit more excitement than planned by deciding to try and T Bone a Deer. Despite the short ride time was still fun to hit it again. And adds to the desire to have a bike like the stolen Stylus for rides like this with a bit more gravity.

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