Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kemptville Revisited 2016

A year ago was in Kemptville and did a 2 hour Monstercros ride around on the less busy roads. not having much knowledge of the area didn't know there was singletrack which i found out at the ride end.

Kemptville Exploration

Unfortunately had no time in 2015 as well as the wrong bike to wander through the trails. And I filed away this new info for the next visit to Kemptville which fortunately happened this year. And for this I used the Mistress V2.

Ferguson Forest Centre

It had been over a year since I had been in Kemptville and couldn't recall exactly where the entrance was. So followed the gravel road through the forest centre.  Unfortunately the road I followed out to near the Rideau River called Honour Way dead ended at someones drive way.

So had to back track to a section of what turned out to be a snowmobile trail and took me into a different section of the woods. Which finally lead to some singletrack which I knew was there having spotted it at the side of County Road 44 last year.

So after the short snowmobile bit it was into the woods for singletrack minimal maintenance trail.  fun. No it will never be like Albion or MTB Kingston trails as simply there aren't enough riders.So if you are one who wants trails that are golf course level manicured this is not the place for you.

And while it isn't hours of riding. It is a nice spot to go for a spin and take a break from dealing with the 416 highway.  Looking at this map,

Marlborough Forest

Shows that one could do a Gravel Grind ride starting from Kemptville itself going up County Road 44 till it crosses the Rideau. Potential future ride maybe.

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