Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cat Trail- Perth Village to Highway 15

On Sept 5th made a trip up to Perth Road village to check out that section of the Cataraqui Trail. It was really a recce ride as time was short as it was later in the day then planned. But while short it gave me info on what to expect for the longer ride.

After check Google Earth and planning was back up there on September 10th for a longer ride of that section. The goal was to get to Highway 15 and return.

Perth village to Highway 15

 Initially it was a rainy drive up to the trail head and looked like a wet soggy ride. Fortunately the rain was only south of the Cat Trail thankfully.

Initial start was damp but after that it was dry.

On the bridge at Chaffeys Lock some local left a couple of pumps for anyone who needed it.

Apparently a nice boat know if your into that sort of SS Minnow kind of thing.

After reaching Highway 15 for the turn around. Began  the long slog back towards Perth Road Village. While had brought lots of water and my favourite patatoe wedges. My lack of fore thought to bring a bottle of Pepsi on a 5 hour ride on gravel would soon rear it's head.

At one point had to stop and take advantage of a nice bench someone had placed by the trail. As energy was a bit low. And of course my Ipod decided that was the correct time to leave me with no tunes to finish the return trip. But hey there was a nice view of a swamp from the bench.

After a bit of a rest was back to getting to the Adventure Van. Which was a bit of a concern time wise as it was after 4 and sunset was coming sooner than later. Despite a slight slacking of speed still made it back in time.

Usually after a ride like this would drive back to civilization to find some food source. This time planned ahead and brought some instant Pho to brew up by the Van. During which of course causes the rain to start again. After shovelling in the food it was time to head for home.

 And while it was good to get in the mileage and ride some where new. It is a ride I would do rarely as it is pretty mind numbing. One definitely needs some tunes.

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