Sunday, November 20, 2016

Switzerville Wandering

Over the last few years have been slowly exploring trail options in the area between Kingston and Napanee.

My foray down the Unmaintained section of Newburg Rd to the 401 was a bust as it went right into a quarry. Which had warning signs that mentioned High Explosives. So that was a bust. But further down Switzerville Rd was this unmaintained road.

Switzerville to Maple Rd

It is definitely not gravel rail trail as the suspension fork on the Mistress V2 had to do some work.

Turns out there is a small escarpment as one nears the 401 and the track wheels left to pass an abandoned quarry.

The track ends at Maple Road which is not far from the Camden Road 401 overpass. Which is not far from the exit of another track on the south side of the 401.

This would be a good spot to park and follow this track further at a future time in the Spring next year.

After getting back to the van took a spin down Switzerville Rd for 5 minutes and found another Unmaintained Road. 

But looks like this goes after a quick Google Earth look , straight north. Not exactly the direction I wanted. But still work riding it next year.

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