Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Embrace The Suck: Muddite Edition

Saturday afternoon wanting to ride some where with woods and dirt decided to take the Monstercross Wench out to ride a bit of unmaintained road. Hoping maybe to high to find some rideable tuff.

And that is where the suck began.....sucking me in. With the illusion of it being soft yet rideable. It was slightly slow with bits of ice and some traps.

Early on got to play the game of ice covered hole and when does the ice fail. And see how deep the ice covered hole actally is.

Brought to a halt

The first 20 minutes turned out okay and despite the ice was not to bad. Which gave the illusion that it was going to be good.

It is an illusion

Right, and then comes the catch....

How bad could it get?

And then it began to suck at a double time rate.  And the pace ground to a slog with having to get around flooding.


Then almost 3.5-4k of hiking with a bike in mud that looks rideable yet had no traction. Even hoofing it was an exercise.

Muddite Heaven

To say it was slow would be an understatement. 6.4km in over an hour? Painful.

You have gotta be joking

To say it was ugh is all I can say to keep it non NSFW. No words to say it.

At least the ride back to the Van was easy. Though a wee bit chilly.

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K Jacobson said...

Sounds like the "run" I did in Hockley Valley on Sunday - 4.5hrs for 25km (admittedly, with 3,500ft of vert)..