Monday, March 27, 2017

Lower Highland Creek Trails

15 years ago when I came to Scarborough there was nothing in the Highland Creek system for much trails. Well...there was abandoned sections near Centennial. I say abandoned as no work done as after sections had been taken out by whatever past storm. So with no one building trail that left the Don Valley and Rouge systems for anything trail related.

 Relics of the past

But like anything that changes .....

Early Winter

In the last couple of years that has seen some change that has slowly appeared. At some point a couple of Trail Sprites started visiting the Highland Creek system and have added trail. Apparently there is now 10k of singletrack trail in the system. With more in the future I have heard. The majority of the singletrack with the fun stuff is south of the Lawrence Ave E bridge. There is singletrack on the east and west side of Highland Creek.

Bridge with calves

Certainly it doesn't have the same feel nor volume as the Don Valley for trails. But the system is still in it's early years. And there is only  couple of trail workers working to create. I help when I can when am in town. But with the passing of my Mother in Law that will become even more infrequently.

While I do love the Don in the past few years it has gotten crowded in some areas. A by product of being central in Toronto but I have believed that more was needed. That more trail was needed in Highland Creek and Etobicoke Creek. Simply to spread some of the riding around. Because aside from the future conflict discussion the reality is not everyone can get access to the Don easily. Nor does those who ride have time every week to get there.

                                         Video by my buddy Charlie

I have spent more time in the last couple of years riding these trails. But what shows is more important benefit is the kids. I found out my Cousin Kemba takes her so riding in Highland Creek all the time. And he always wants to ride the dirt trails and loves to spend hours on them.  That is the best part of it all.

One day in the future one could connect this with the Rouge and Seaton Trail to create a 3 King or Valley Epic Day.

Rouge to Seaton to Rouge

Maps are from trail forks.

Lower Highland Creek West

Lower Highland Creek East

The nearest GO station is at Guildwood.

Guildwood Go Station

Beer , food, and Caffeine can be found at the mall at Morningside and Kingston Rd.

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