Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Back Bottle

In May did the Monstercross Ride To ErnestownWanting some more water stuck round bottles in the Wingnut pack mesh pockets.While it did give me more water I ran into a problem using the round bottles.

Dropped at least one bottle when it got rough. Also it began to bug me trying to cram the round bottle back into the pocket while riding. Almost dropped bottles twice doing that. There had to be a better way.  Sure one can say just find a tap. That sounds easy when your not in the middle of some quad track surrounded by swamp and questionable water sources.

I remembered seeing something that could solve the problem.


Non traditional bottles that have non round bottoms and a dull point. That are supposed to work with rear jersey pockets with less fumbling. And blind flailing to insert in the pocket. Hmm...sounds good in theory.

And seemed to work well with the Wingnut pack pockets on a couple of dry runs. But would have to wait to truly test it during a long ride.

That came on August 7th with a 5 hour ride. Made even more challenging as it was the hottest day of the summer. Think temps where about 37 degrees and no clue what the Humidex said that day. But perfect conditions to test the Backbottle in real world conditions.

Rouge to Seaton to Rouge

On that ride I went through a 2 liter hydration bladder, one large water bottle and the 2 Back Bottles. Even hauling all that was still cooked at the end. Which makes having the two Backbottles in the Wingnuts 2 side pockets a good idea.

So after all that it comes down two one simple question....Would I use them again?


In fact have used the back bottles a few times when I didn't bother to use the hydration bladder. And will be doing so in 2017.

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