Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Monster Gearing

Procrastination + laziness + neglect x willful ignorance x ego = current gearing situation.

I readily admit that for nearly 2 years have run the same dirt bag engineered straight bloc rear cassette.  With a chainring size geared towards the Tour De Caffeine. But I finally admit it has finally reached the stupidity level of gearing choices.

Hmmm gearing is wanting

While I should change the chain rings the simplest and most cost effective method is a more mountain bike oriented gearing cassette.

 With a quick google search that gave limited results on the discussion of Gravel/Monstercross gearing. Though this gave me the best input,

Gravel Bike Set Up

First change to be made for gearing in 2017 is the cassestte, out with straight block road and in with a non straight block mtb.  I only had a brief parking lot test of the cassette so have no real world info if this will be enough. But initial drive train recation is promising. But will not get my hopes up till I get in  a longer ride.

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