Friday, August 11, 2017

Highland Creek Primitive

Thanks to a road trip on June 15th to Toronto had time to re visit the classic old school primitive style Highland Creek trails.  I say primitive as compared to the Don Valley where everyone goes and is well manicured. The Highland Creek trails barely see a quarter of the users. 

Highland Creek Primitive

And with such low user volume you do have to expect some bonus challenges. Over growth one of them.

Of course with it being overgrown one has to ride slower than normal as it is harder to spot those bits that can hook you and take you down hard. And nothing sucks more than slamming knee first into the ground.

And with the weather....the rain that seems to keep coming. It has not been easy to get out to the trails anywhere. So this was the first ride this year to go through most in the Highland Creek system.

One side effect of the overgrowth is as mentioned hard to see things. Well, that overgrowth led to the near T Boning of a Deer. Who jumped 4 feet to the side then stared contempously at my disrupting it's day. Sadly when I pulled out my cell to take a pic it moved into denser foliage and became very hard to see.

Somewhere in there is a Deer

Sadly due to time restrictions did not have again time to try the couple of log rides the trail builders put in this year. Sucks as having done observed trials 20 years ago I do like a bit of trials style challenges.

Hopefully on the next trip down will have more time to try to master the new challenges. So with the time drawing near the bingo line it was heading back to the vehicle to get on the road.

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