Sunday, June 25, 2017

26 Isn't Dead

I keep hearing how the 26 inch wheel is so obsolete. How it is a retrogrouch and luddite wheelsize.

Yet in the last 3 years of hearing this. Listening to the endless wheel size bullshit grinding drivel from the bike industry marketing actuaries. I keep seeing visual proof that it isn't just going away. All despite the marketing that suggests that being on a 26 inch wheel is less fun and makes you slower.

Slower? Really? Hmm....the last 2 Substance Projects half marathon podium placings say other wise. The leaving of the vaunted 29er wheelsize in it's dust. But that is impossible, I mean the industry told us that it will solve all riding problems right? The bike industry would never lie would it? Sure I readily admit that I have had a 29er mtb and like many bought it because it was new and so on.

But in the end it left me wanting as at the time 2009 the geometry sucked.

I started riding in Whistler BC and the trails of Mt Fromme. I liked a bike to wheely and get over stuff. Shouldn't have to feel like am fighting the bike.And when after a year it turned out to be meodiocre at best. Went back to the 26". And then tried again 2 years ago and ended up with the same ugh feeling. No matter what I tried. Sure there is a possible way but do I really want to cough up a $1000 ? Not at this time.

And I still am riding the Chromag Samurai is the 26 inch wheel size. Is it less fun? Nope. Is it slower? According to race and Strava times? Nope.  Does it go hard and handle everything I throw at it. Yep.

Nope.....26 Isn't  Dead.

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