Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Headwind XR

Today was a fair bit windy. It was a grunt to get home. But that made it only more of a good ride home.

Went by the shop today to pick up the new stem. Truvativ XR 90mm with a 12 degree rise. Mounted it when I got home from work. Just doing the lean on the wall mount test it feels good. Not as hunched over as before. So we shall see what happens next with set up. The Blackspire stem I pulled goes into the bin for the next bike, that of course being the EWR.

Also swapped discs in the rear tonight. Basically a bent one for a less bent one. Really need to get a better disc this weekend. Especially since it looks like I'll be racing it as well. It being the mistress of course. And less rub will mean more fast.

On a training positive a couple of people I know at work mentioned I look like I have lost weight. That is good as it means training is going my way.

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